Video: ‘The Walking Dead’ Star Lauren Cohan’s New Haircut Still Causing A Fan Frenzy
Lauren Cohan was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night and the hot topic of the hour was Cohan’s new pixie cut, which has The Walking Dead fans at the edge of their seats.

As well all know, or at least all Walking Dead fans know, Lauren Cohan cut her hair back in Decemeber. To most, a new haircut isn’t necessarily newsworthy. However, to Maggie Greene fans this may be an indication of Maggie’s fate on the show, and that is definitely newsworthy.

Jimmy Kimmel did his best to get information on whether or not her new haircut is “zombie-related,” but of course, Cohan didn’t fall for it. “You’ll either find out, or you won’t find out. It either was on the show, or it wasn’t on the show. But we will find out. One way or the other,” Cohan stated then proceeded to laugh.

Maggie’s fate is no joking matter, Cohan. We are keeping our eyes on you.

I suppose all we can do now is hope and pray Cohan’s haircut was a result of too many split ends. If you want to reminisce about Cohan’s old hairstyle and watch her babysit a creepy boy doll, catch her in theaters for her new movie The Boy.

Also, make sure to watch The Walking Dead season 6 when it returns February 14, 2016. Take a look at the most recent teaser below.

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