Top 5 Hangover Cures For The Holiday Weekend

New year means new beginnings; before the grand start comes a grand ending. This year, New Year’s was on a Thursday so that means you have the entire holiday weekend to party. Before you feel like death the next day we have the five hangover cures you need!

5. Keep Drinking

That’s right. Only unlike last night, the morning after, drink in moderation. Thankfully it’s a long weekend and you don’t have work for a few days so this is a rare occasion you can recover from this method.

4. Greasy Food

There’s a reason why right after you get out of the club you see taco and hot dog vendors in Los Angeles. When you get drunk, you dehydrate your body making you feel weak and nauseas. Heavy, starchy food absorbs the alcohol for you. So feel free to treat yourself to that grande breakfast special at your local diner.

3. Advil

Kanye said it himself, “sunglasses and advil, last night was mad real.” You had a long night and have to see your family the next day. After you shower and attempt to put yourself together, you’re probably going to still have a horrific headache. Pop in an advil and that well help ease the pain and help you get back into normality.

2. Pedialyte

Yup. It’s no longer just for when kids have upset tummy’s. When you drink alcohol, it eliminates the body of water and electrolytes including potassium and magnesium through urination and that causes dehydration. This is where Pedialyte comes to the rescue and restores what the alcohol took away.

1. Sleep

This might steal most of your day but it is one of the most effective cures. Get some rest and drink lots of water bedside. Your body needs time to recuperate from the damage it underwent the night before. Kiss your day goodbye if you can and prepare to rage again later that night.

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