The Holiday Season Is Here! Here Are 15 Helpful Tips To Get You Through The Struggle Of Traveling

The holiday season is here! We’re sure most of you will be heading out to your hometowns for the holidays, but the struggle is definitely real when it comes to traveling!

The Thanksgiving holiday is undoubtedly the busiest travel time of the year and Christmas isn’t any better. The transportation delays, traffic and travel snags all meeting travelers at nearly every turn. But with a bit of foresight and some organized travel planning, you may ease some travel headaches whether you’re heading home for the holidays or escaping for a drama-free adventure. Regardless of your plans, you’ll be thankful for these 15 travel tips.

1. Buy tickets on Sundays for the best deal.
Holiday airfare can really hurt your wallet, especially if you procrastinate in purchasing your tickets. A recent study showed that airfare on Sunday’s are nearly $71 cheaper than Monday. If for some reason you can only purchase tickets during the week, aim for Tuesday.

2. Make sure to clear your history, cookies, and cache before searching flights.
Many airlines and travel websites track how many times you’ve visited their website and change their prices accordingly. To make sure you’re getting the best prices when you book your holiday air travel online, be sure to to clear your internet browser’s history, cache, and cookies to make it seem as if it’s your first time visiting the site!

3. Book a red-eye, if possible.
If your holiday plans permit it, take the red-eye home (the last flight out of the airport that night) to avoid the madness of holiday traveling. Plus, red-eyes are typically cheaper AND you’ll be in and out of the airport in no time.

4. Fly out on the actual holiday.
If red-eye flights aren’t your thing, try flying out on the actual holiday to still avoid the high volume of holiday travelers and expensive flights.

5. Use SeatGuru to plan your seating arrangement.
Seat Guru allows you to look at the layout of the exact airplane you’ll be flying on when it comes to your holiday travels. You can scope out your ideal seating situation based on leg room, under-seat storage, and how close you’re located to a lavatory.

6. Use the app GateGuru to map out your airport visit.
GateGuru will help organize your holiday traveling from the start of your trip until the moment you leave the airport. The app provides airport weather, departure info, estimated TSA waiting lines, location of ATMs, and rental car information for over 200 airports across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

7. Before you leave to go home for the holidays, get a flu shot.
Airports during the holidays are an easy way to catch the flu if you’re not prepared. Make sure to get a flu shot two weeks before you start traveling to avoid spreading holiday viruses to your loved ones.

8. Use curbside check-in.
Curbside check-in usually takes less time and you can avoid the horrible holiday lines that will inevitably be inside.

9. Use the airline’s app to get your boarding pass.
Having a mobile boarding pass means one less physical thing to worry about and carry.

10. Use airport TVs to charge your phone if all the plugs are taken.
Of course everyone will be desperately looking for charging stations. Fortunately, TVs have USB ports in the back of them, and you just sneakily plug your phone into them. With a fully charged phone, you’ll be able to keep in touch with your loved ones during your travels.

11. Hate the smell of luggage? Use a dryer sheet!

12. Pack holiday wine and/or champagne with ease.
Put a bottle of your favorite holiday drink in between a pair of your shoes to ensure it travels safely.

13. If you need extra space in your luggage, roll your clothes, don’t fold them.
Roll your clothes to optimize your luggage space. To get even more extra space in your suitcase, try bagging up your rolled clothes with oversized Ziplocs!

14. Need to pass time on your flight home? Turn your smartphone into a TV.
If your airline doesn’t offer in-flight entertainment, don’t sweat it, just bring a baggie with you! Lodge the baggie with your phone in it using the tray table holder.

15. Bring a hoodie, even if you’re flying somewhere warm for the holidays.
From a travel pillow to a laptop sleeve, you can turn your average hoodie into the best holiday companion you’ve ever had with simple folding techniques.

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