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New Video: Chris Brown – “Don’t Judge Me”

Chris Brown drops another set of visuals for a track off his album Fortune. His track "Don't Judge Me" is the fifth single off the album and it's very cinematic. Nothing like the Top 40 hits, Breezy's use to, it gives us a chance to the hero in him. It takes place in the desert in an army base as Read More »

Did Chris Brown Get a Tattoo of Rihanna’s Face?

Chris Brown has a new tat of a woman's face on his neck. A woman that happens to look very similar to Brown's ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. The tattoo appears to look like the battered face of a woman. Chris did batter Rihanna's face, so it seems logical that many people would think it was her. Read More »

Video: Rihanna Hugs and Kisses Chris Brown

Well here's something you didn't see even if you did tune into the VMAs last night. Rihanna hugged and kissed Chris Brown! This wasn't caught on the TV cameras, but it was caught on MTV's "VIP Seating Cam" and streamed online. In the video we see Rihanna walk toward her seat. On her way, she Read More »