New Music: Gilbere Forte – “ANIGMA” [Exclusive]

Gilbere Forte - "Anigma" [Download]

Meet hip hop’s next star, Philly’s own, Gilbere Forte. The 25-year-old has been buzzin’ with his single “PRAY” which samples Fiona Apple and just last week, he dropped a more hauntingly dark track about a heartbreak titled “Nolita.” After listening to the PRAY album, Mando Fresko tried convincing Gilbere to give him all the tracks. He was unsuccessful. After all, why would he trust an L.A. Leaker? Ha! However, Mando did somehow manage to get one of his favorite tracks off the project, “Anigma.” The 10 track PRAY album drops 5/15.

Our very own Mando sat down with Gilbere to talk about his new track and album. Full interview and “Anigma” download, below.

Download: Gilbere Forte – “Anigma”

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Mando: Who is Gilbere Forte?

Gilbere: Gilbere Forte is a kid inspired by the world, sharing his old spirit and view as a soundtrack to your daily life.

M: How do you pronounce your name, bro?

G: Jihh-ill-bear For-tay

M: The 10 track project is called PRAY. Where did the title come from? Favorite track of album? Why?

G: The title came from me restoring faith in myself as a person to create music. In order to restore myself, I prayed. My favorite track? Wow… I honestly love every record. They helped me find the strength to bring myself back to life.

M: In the opening line of “Anigma” you say, “waking up to credits my life is a movie, cocking back my prayers no pressure can shoot me.” Your not rapping about diamond rings, yelling out “YOLO” or skateboarding? (Hey, that rhymed) What story do you want to tell with this project?

G: I just want to express the truth behind my determination to be a greater than I ever been. I’m fighting for the best me. Each of these records, sonically and lyrical take my emotions by storm to get there. This is the real Gilbere Forte.

M: Why give away a free album?

G: 2 Years of hard work in the making. This one is for the people but also for myself to feel like accomplished my inner goal.

M: Raak did all of the production on PRAY. How did you meet? How would you describe his production?

G: Raak and I met in college, back at Temple University. Raak’s sounds is the soundtrack to the emotion you can’t find the words to express.

M: Who inspires you musically?

G: Martin Scorcese + Jay Z + Karl Lagerfeld + M83

M: Looking at your Instagram it’s evident that you’re a fashionable guy. What role does fashion play in your life?

G: Fashion is the comfort to my creativity. My uniform at war, chasing my dreams.

M: Who do you want to collaborate with in the hip hop game? In the pop world?

G: Aw man… (laughs) the list is very extensive. For me honestly, I’d appreciate the presence of certain kinds of people in the room when I create to drive the creative vibe beyond life. If it leads to collaborating then thats the icing on the cake. Jay Z, Lana Del Rey, Gotye, Swedish House Mafia, Justin Timberlake and Florence and the Machine, to name a simple few (laughs).

M: Anything you’d like to add, G?

G: #LetUsPray

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