Mando Fresko’s Top 5 Selfie Rules

2013 was the year of the “selfie” and in honor of the #SelfieOlympics, we came up with our Top 5 selfie rules on Power 106. Now, there are many different types of selfies and if you scroll down #SelfieOlympics on Twitter, you’ll see some pretty outrageous shots. But, not all selfies are worthy of posting and in some cases it will lead to an unfollow from your fan base. We came up with our top 5 selfie rules that must always be followed. Are you guilty of having any of these on your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook?

Mando Fresko’s Top 5 Selfie Rules

5. Clean Mirrors

4. No Duck Lips

3. Ladies, wear make-up

2. Guys, wear shirts

1. No Video Selfies

Denise Jones (@youknowdenise)

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