Kanye’s Obsession With Kim Kardashian is Downright Creepy

Kanye West loves Kim Kardashian. We are all very aware of this. From their constant pictures together, his appearances on “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” and his lyrics about her in an overwhelming amount of songs. Well his love (or obsession) goes even further. Kanye used to watch Kim’s world famous sex tape while he was with other women.

You read that right. TMZ is claiming that multiple sources told the news outlet that before Kim and Kanye dated, Kanye used to watch the video with other women to help him “get in the mood” and apparently it always accomplished it’s goal.

How weird! Especially now that they’re dating. That should make for a really uncomfortable situation if the couple ever run into Ray- J

Mando Fresko (@mandofresko)

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