Is O.J. the Real Father of Khloe Kardashian?

It’s never been a secret that Khloe is the odd one out of the Kardashian family. While Kim and Kourtney look very similar in looks and build, Khloe stands out. She is much taller than her two sisters and her features are even quite different. Khloe realizes this and even made fun of it on an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” when she stole a piece of her mother’s hair for a DNA test to see if the two were actually related. The test came back positive and Kris is definitely Khloe’s mother. But what about her father?

Kris was married to Robert Kardashian for many years, and had four children with him. However, there is a rumor that during their marriage, Kris had an affair with O.J. Simpson, and that Khloe might be the result of said affair.

The Enquirer is reporting that O.J. is making changes to his will, and he is allegedly including Khloe in it. Now this news is coming from the Enquirer, which is not known to be the most reputable source, but it does seem surprisingly logical.

Look at a side by side picture of the two below, and see if you can spot any similarities.

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