Game Offends with Album Artwork

The Game just dropped the visuals for his latest album’s cover, and some people are not too happy with it. The cover features what appears to be Jesus Christ personified as the Game himself. The “Jesus” on the album cover is wearing a red bandana across his face, a gold chain, has a teardrop tattoo, and sits behind a stained glass window featuring marijuana leaves and palm trees.

The album, appropriately named Jesus Piece, drops December 11th. Some people were very impressed by his artwork. Busta Rhymes tweeted, “This artwork is Brilliant!!” However some of his fans were not. One tweeted, “The Game ‘Jesus Piece’ album cover is just disrespectful to Jesus in every way! smh!”

Game doesn’t seem too interested in the backlash and has even retweeted some of the negative comments. Check out the artwork below.

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