Exclusive Interview: Alex Morgan Talks World Cup, Massages, and R&B with Mando Fresko

In just a few weeks, the U.S. Women’s National Team will be playing in Canada for the women’s FIFA World Cup! Mando Fresko attended the unveiling of the team home kit with Nike and talked all things with forward, Alex Morgan.

Kicking off the interview, Alex Morgan shares with Mando her favorite shoe and what she thinks of the overall kit. They also get personal and talk about birthday festivities for Alex as she will be celebrating her birthday during the world cup.

It would not be an interview if we didn’t talk music. Alex shares what she listen’s to before a game to get her mind right and even what her team listens to while they are getting a massage. Here’s a hint, it’s definitely not something you’d expect from these tough athletes.

To end the interview, Mando gets Alex a special gift from a prior conversation they had. It’s her absolute favorite sweet!

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