Artist of the Week: Kat DeLuna “Wanna See U Dance” [Video]

Kat DeLuna is back — and is here to stay! You may remember DeLuna from her previous hits “Drop It Low” and “Whine Up.” On August 23rd, she released the soon to be a world wide hit and music video, “Wanna See U Dance” (La La La). The high energy track is filled with European dance synths, accompanied by a dub step and Brazilian samba breakdown. That and the catchy “La La La” chorus on “Wanna See U Dance” will make you do just that — dance!

The track is the first single off of DeLuna’s upcoming ViVa Out Loud album, out later this year. Watch the video and download the song below. Tell-a-friend!

Buy iTunes: Kat Deluna – “Wanna See U Dance” (La La La)

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