Apple Unveils iPad Mini, Slimmer iMac and New MacBook Pro

Apple drops some new toys! They announce the release of a new iPad Mini, a slimmer iMac and a new MacBook Pro. The iPad Mini is 23% thinner and 53% lighter than the third generation iPad and comes with a 7.9″ Multi-Touch display. It has a new A6X chip that is suppose to make it run faster than the third generation, which is real cool. The iMac is really our favorite. It’s way thinner than the previous version has a completely new Fusion Drive that allows more room for storage while also having it run faster. The new MacBook Pro features the Retina Display that gives one a much clearer picture while also having really good memory storage making it run 4x faster than the traditional MacBooks.

The prices are alittle higher than we expected; the iPad Mini starts off at $329, the iMac is starting at $1300 and the MacBook Pro runs for $1700. Just in time for Christmas? Hit the jump to see photos of each.

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